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All news 15/10/2018

Thunderous beginnings

Saint Pardoux marks the first round of the CX Coupe de France 2018 and also shows the grand beginning of our team on these disciplines greatly prized by the best in the fields.

We can only have hoped it, but what our athletes and staff accomplished during the weekend was simply magical. Everyone preformed at the top of their ability which gives us great prospective of the future.

In the Espoir category Quentin Navarro gave his all in the hope to gain a potential spot on the podium. He won 5th place just behind the untouchable Eddy Finé (VC villefranche Beaujolais). Joris Delbove brings home 18th place after taking off on the 3rd starting line and obliged to put his foot on the ground at the first bend.

For her part in the Elite woman category, Marlène Morel Petitgirard obtained the first podium in the Coupe de France for the team with a second place medal and first french winner just behind the belgium cross-woman Joyce Vanderbeken (Bikeadvice). Marlène unfortunately lost control after a punctured tyre.

15:15 is the start of the Elite race for the S1neo Connect Team with Francis Moureyand Valentin Humbert for the S1neo Connect. Francis knew how to measure and read his opponents on a very rolling course , that on paper was not so favorable for him. He accelerated in the last few meters of the race to avoid a sprint with the strong David Menut (Creuse Oxygène). Francis brings home the first Coupe de France for the team. What a great and exciting way to start the season !

Magical moments like these make for great memories, and let us hope that this is just the beginning of a long journey and with our founding ideas and values we want to connect our athletes, staff, sponsors, and supporters and create a collective sports team with a real identity.

The team is already ready for the 2nd round race at Pierric on November 11th. 
See you there!!! #soyezconnect

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