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All news 06/06/2019

S1neo supports Pro Team Sports

We are pleased to announce our support to PRO TEAM SPORTS, which with its beautiful project and profile, will allow us to perform. This collaboration and this partnership aims to establish our will to settle permanently in the French triathlon.

Our S1NEO ambassador, Kévin Maurel, who joined this team this year, greatly contributed to this union, accompanied by Arnaud Lefebvre (team manager of the team) in total adequacy with the DNA of the brand S1NEO.

PRO TEAM SPORTS is the only company whose vocation and primary goal is to help top athletes to exercise and live their passion. Through sponsors and its online store, offers professional athletes financial assistance that will allow them to evolve in their respective discipline.

Creativity and responsiveness

S1NEO has developed a graphic named PRO TEAM SPORTS, taking their own graphic identity and atypical. The result is more than successful !

Team Arnaud Lefebvre, team manager,  to announce "Pro Team Sports is pleased with this partnership, creativity and responsiveness, which enabled us to design this magnificent 599D together with the colors of the Team."

Soon, you can find in their shop and exclusively these products to their effigy on

Pro Team Sports also opens its doors to all amateur sports enthusiasts. Whether you are Triathlete, Cyclist or Runner, you can join Pro Team Sports team and contribute to this great project.

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