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How to buy your S1NEO ?

Buying a S1NEO product, it's easy !

S1NEO gives you the possibility to order catalog products or "MyS1NEO Bike" directly on its website. All products ordered can be delivered via a "S1NEO RELAY" store, but also to the address of your choice.

Principle of the D.S.A by S1NEO !

as "Direct" : The advantages of direct sales allow the customer to purchase a product at a direct factory price, without incurring the additional costs of intermediaries (distributor, store, ...).

as "Sales" : We sell our products in order to satisfy the customer and to allow him to have a quality / price ratio unequaled on a personalized product.

as "Accompanied" in french : We accompany our customers via our customer service by email or phone (cost not surcharged). We also allow our customers to choose their choice of delivery : via shop "Relay" or directly at the address of your choice.

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